Wireless GSM WiFi Wi-Fi Control R&D

   WedeCon Design is offering


Wireless Trådløs IoT Control - R&D Electronics  Development . 

Customized Electronics Hardware and Software Development - Custom-made GSM control Datamodem - eSim - Skræddersyet elektronikudvikling - NB-iot - LoRaWAN

Kundetilpasset skræddersyet Wireless trådløs elektronik modul

Bluetooth esim elektronikudvikling ESP8266 Wifi module bluetooth fjernkontrol elektronikudvikling eot herning 2017 elektronikmontage

Bluetooth fjernbetjening trådløs

- also customized Wi-Fi module and  GSM / GPS  module R&D .. customized 433Mhz and 868Mhz - Smart City LoRaWan Gateway
   Building a strong customized Wireless Control Platform. -
Dansk effektiv kundetilpasset udvikling & Produktions support

Bluetooth Tracking Beacon Udvikling

  We are a member of Bluetooth SiG

                    WedeCon Design are offering customized Wireless Control  R&D development . - Wireless GSM Control

Hardware Electronics & Software development...
  Zigbee  and Bluetooth,  GSM, Wi-Fi , WiFi ,  433Mhz, 868Mhz, 866Mhz  remote control ...

** SMS ALARM system on GSM
** Custom-made GSM - GRPS - GSM
    Control R&D Developments
** 2G, GRPS, UTMS, MFF2 eSimcard, 3G, 4G, - GSM Systems - LTE Cat M1 NB1 NB2
** Temperature, Moisture, Power, Access Alerts on SMS
** Wifi gateway option  - Bluetooth gateway option 
** GPS / GNSS tracking position option
** RS485 - USB - RS232 - CANbus - interface options
** Analogue Input - PT100 - PT1000 input - NTC
    PWM Input / 0-10V input / 4-20mA loop input
** +5V to +32V DC power input options
** Telematics Automotive Control Systems
** Buzzer , Relay options
** eSim simcard MFF2 possible
* IPCU GSM Relaybox Gateway Landrover

    IoT solutions Danmark   BlueBeacon solutions     Bluetooth GateWay

 Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU certificate Possible

   Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU
sigfox ElektronikUdvikling

** SMS Remote Control System
** GSM Datamodem
** Wifi - Bluegateway - Bluetooth Gateway
** WiFi Home Automation Systems
** WIFI - GSM Sensor inputs
** Telematics Automotive Control Systems
** Zigbee  and Z-wave home automation systems

Quectel M95,
Quectel M66
Quectel UG95, Fibocom G510, SimCom900
SIMCARD, Standard Simcard, Soft-Sim, Micro Simcard, eSIM MFF2,  Nano Simcard

gsm ElektronikUdvikling


 Customized kundetilpasset GSM - GRPS - GSM Control - R&D - GSM Kontrol system - Danmark
GSM remote control LoRaWan Smartcity  SMS Elektronikudvikling custom-made 
GSM kontrol esim elektronikudvikling dan mark LoRaWan Smartcity  
elektronikudvikling esim  GSM M95 M66 UG95 maskinstyring Wi-Fi Wifi kontrol elektronik remote elektronikudvikling nRF52840

 Customized Wi-Fi - WiFi Direct - WiFi Control

Wirelesss WIFI ControlWirelesss ESP8266 WIFI Control Elektronik Udvikling

  Kundetilpasset skræddersyet Wireless Remote control  .. Customized  Output and Input Control
. Direct Wireless control  .- AP Mode ...  AD HOC mode
. Home Network  Wireless Wi-Fi Bluetooth
BLE  IoT Gateway.
- WIFI Bluetooth Gateway - IoT gateway - Bluegateway
- Custom-made WiFi Gateway - 433Mhz Gateway
- Wifi 433Mhz 868Mhz Wifi Gateway

- Smart City LoRaWan Wifi Gateway

 Direct Wifi  mode -  WIFI module design - PCB design

ESP8266 customized module development

Great experience with all different battery technologies  and other customized WiFi power-supply requirements.
Battery optimization and power supply management for maximum  long battery life  and  Energy Harvesting

We are offering customized R&D prototype electronic product development .   Mass Productions are possible for the developed prototypes see more

   Also Smartphone App developments in connection with the electronics modules

Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU Possible

IOS Android GSM kontrol elektronikudvikling nrf52832 nrF52840

Wireless wifi remote control  ESP8266 Wifi module IoT Sensor
Kundetilopasset BlueGateway

Bluetooth  LoRaWan Smartcity Wifi Gateway bluegateway elektronikudvikling

Kundetilpasset 433Mhz - 868Mhz to Wifi Gateway -  LoRaWan Smartcity
Wireless WIFI 433Mhz Gateway Wifigateway elektronikudvikling

Also Custom-made Remote ISM Control - Fjernbetjening R&D

433Mhz , 868Mhz ISM Band Remote control - 433 - 866Mhz.

REMOTE copy clone  Control 868Mhz, 433Mhz, fjernbetjening REMOTE Control 868Mhz, 433Mhz, fjernbetjening elektronikudvikling

 Custom-made R&D electronik udvikling design of wireless transmitter , receiver, transceiver module - 4, 8 and 12 channel
  fixed code , learning code remote control, KEYFOB, Rolling Code HSC300 HCS300
pt2262, pt2264, pt2265, pt2275, pt2274, pt2272.

 Copy code Remote , Clone code Remote

433Mhz elektronikudvikling produktmodning elektronik
433Mhz 868Mhz elektronikudvikling remote kontroldraftoptimizer elektronikudviklling bluechimney
GSM WYGSM R311 Wireless Adapter
NB-iot danmark elektronik

       Nb-iot modul installeret i frysende sne og is
Kundetilpasset NB-ioT Danmark GSM elektronik udvikling

Our Background : 

 Offering +32 years electronics R&D development experience including +17 years from Motorola  R&D  LMPS Landmobile development center.

      We are Fluent in English, German, and Danish language.
      ( Basic chinese language knowledge
      - also having many china manufactoring contacts, and  work experience in China)

-   Mechanical Development
-   Special OEM  function module development  on request
-   Modifications of  existing  developments

Reference Designs

   You are welcome to contact . Please see more below for contact or go to the main page  www.c22.dk

Wedecon Design tilbyder custom designet udvikling af  Trådløs Radio  Kontrol elektronik

Mulighed for masse produktion af det udviklede modul
 Kontakt os gerne  for at få en  nærmere beskrivelse

Other projects on R&D Projects.

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Module  R&D  Development

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5)       2Way Two Way Radio System Accessories Development

6)       Customized  ioT Solutions Danmark


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Custom-made Bluetooth GSM Elektronik WIFI ElektronikUdviking

Published on  updated  2017


cc3000 , cc3000MOD , cc3100 , CC3100MOD , CC3200 , CC3200MOD, PT2262 , PT2272, PT2264 , PT2274


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