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ElektronikUdvikling 2022      

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 Bluetooth Gateways iot Customized R&D Udvikling
   GSM LTE cat M1 Customized  R&D
  iot iiot Solutions Customized R&D   Udvikling

  Dansk Effektiv Kunde-tilpasset  
          Elektronik produkt Udvikling & Produktion- Innovation

 - Mulighed for Produktion i Kina ...og Danmark ..

    We are fluent in German, English & Danish
english german elektronik twoway elektronikudvikling elektronikentwicklung

     New Products :  Customized Automotive
         BluetoothGateway IoT Beacon Gateway....
and IoT Solutions Automotive 2 more
Bluetooth Gateway BlueGateway NanoGateway
automotive waterproof  nb-iot modul elektronikudvikling iotsolutions bluetoothgateway

 automotive waterproof ip66 nb-iot modul elektronikudvikling iot-solutions bluetoothGateway

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Watertreatment vandbehandling IOT kundetilpasset LTE cat M1 tracking module udvikling elektronikudvikling

New electronics customized product from WedeCon Design.

       Remote wireless system developed & manufactored for Bluechimney ...
                          Customized Bluetooth , Zigbee or Wifi  possible on request
       All rights reserved to WedeCon
Customized product electronic development for Bluechimney  Wedecon Design

New electronics customized product from WedeCon Design.
weSENS 1001 -
Handheld wireless NTC temperature probe -
from minus -40° degree temperature -
 Approved for food applications .
Up to 8m cable length possible..
Custom colour & NTC value possible

New customized NB-ioT Automotive Telematics Fleet management product introduced.
for customer .. Already 6000 pcs manufactored and working online in cloud ..

Telematics Fleet management module  with nb-iot & 2G egprs fall-back.

More advanced iot solutions here

New NB-ioT customized Automotive Telematics Fleet management

GSM remote comtrol elektronik udvikling ElektronikUdvikling SIGFOX BLUETOOTH gateway NB-IoT Danmark

Offering your customized Electronics Product Design on your location in synergy with your R&D Team - or on our own WedeCon R&D lab.
                 -- Kundetilpasset skræddersyet elektronik udvikling & Produktion
            Contacts  email   or  Mobile   
+45-22 85 30 35

Customized Bluetooth BLE Tracking Beacons  -
An new exciting customized project for the external Danish customer NanoLink have been completed ...

WedeCon Design was responsible
for the R&D Electronics product Development of the Wireless Bluetooth Tracking Beacon
Electronics and the Chinese volume production

Bluetooth Beacon elektronikudvikling mithings Nanolink BluePico
beacon tracking bluetooth elektronik udvikling mithings nanolink

 November 2021 update..

New in the WedeCon Design Blue Pico Product Range :

  WedeCon Design introduces a series of high power long range
 Bluetooth 5.2 Beacons

 (Bluetooth MESH, location and NFC compatible )

Customized versions  and CE &  RED certificates possible.
  Volume electronics production...  More at       www.c22.dk/info

 ** NB-ioT LTE Bluetooth Gateways (with 2G fallback)
 ** WiFi
Bluetooth Gateways
 ** Ethernet LAN
Bluetooth Gateways
 ** Automotive
waterproff Truck Bluetooth Gateways
 See Gateways

Bluepico nanolink bluetooth beacon

Intelligent Wireless Home Controller   - IHC - Exciting customized  project with the names BlueChimney & DraftOptimizer are now launched
  with 433Mhz & 868Mhz wireless Remote control .  New option for Wifi control on Smartphone App just relased .
WedeCon Design is responsible
for the R&D electronics & mechanical Developments of the Home Controller electronics hardware and the Chinese production
wifi home controller elektronik udvikling DraftOptimizer
trådløs home controller elektronikudvikling DraftOptimizer Bluechimney
     433Mhz Remote Control Bluechimney elektronikudvikling
draftoptimizer elektronikudvikling bluechimney BlueChimney Smoke Danmark Denmark
  Development of the Bluechimney Smokeless System has been completed

AutomotiveTelematics Controller  - An new project with Automotive Telematics power management module have been completed.
WedeCon Design was responsible
for the R&D electronic & mechanical Development of the
Automotive Telematics power management electronics hardware and the Chinese production
automotive telematics produktmodning powermanagement elektronikudvikling
Elektronikudvikling Herning EOT 2019 prototype maskinstyring

      Din-Rail mounted GSM  / GPS Control SMS  NB-ioT
    NB iot denmark Danmark Telia TDC smarthome

   BlueGateway 433Mhz Gateway to NB-iOT
      Customized GSM  / GPS Control SMS  NB-ioT LoRaWANGSM control kundetilpasset SMS GPS

New AutomotiveTelematics test prototype module R&D development  with GSM , GRPS , GPS , Bluetooth , 6 axis sensor - ( mobile internet of things )
Automative Telematics ElektronikUdvikling elektronikentwicklung prototype Elektronikudvikling Telematics produktmodning Radiomodule IHC
gsm modul elektronikudvikling simkort M95
gsm module alarm sms custom-made produktmodning

wifi alarm gsm elektronikudvikling produktmodning
  3G GSM / GPS data tracking asset management
  433Mhz to GSM Gateway developed for the
  WasteControl project .. 3G possible

   433Mhz to Wi-Fi Gateway developed for the  
  WasteControl project .. Dual WiFi possible
gps gnss tracking mithings elektronikudvikling produktmodning PTA 433mhz 868mhz mithings  elektronikudvikling produktudvikling remotekontrol 433Mhz elektronikudvikling prototype produktmodning

  433Mhz to Bluetooth Gateway
   868Mhz Remote datacontrol

Remote Control Bluetooth Wifi elektronikudvikling EOT Herning 2017 elektronikmontage

   Customized wireless Bluetooth Remote control
     433Mhz, 868Mhz, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NB-Iot,
Elektronikudvikling Bodycam
ElektronikMontage herlev ballerup fyn
 New Product :  Smaller than Matchbox sized
  Bluetooth 5.0 BLE Wireless Remote Control
 New Product : BodyCam - 12 hours recording - GPS - USB

Bluetooth Mesh elektronikudvikling nRF52810 Danmark elektronikudvikling elektronik udvikling
elektronikudvikling 2018
   Bluetooth Wireless MESH Control Systems  
  R&D -  Hardware & Software electronics 

 Bluetooth Wireless Temperature sensor Wifi
 6 Channel Automotive OBD Canbus controller RS485 RS232

Automotive k-line CAN bus  OBD2 bus adapter to RS232 Customized Kundetilpasset

 Automotive K-line OBD2 bus adapter to
 RS232 & CAN bus  Customized Kundetilpasset

  Meet us at for a cup of coffee --
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elektronikudvikling EOT Herning elektronik udvikling wifi bluetooth  odense

Mød WedeCon  / Meet WedeCon
for a cup of hot coffee or two at

Odense E22-E22 Elektronik Messe September 2022

Other projects on R&D Electronic Projects.


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8)  Automotive Bluetooth Mesh Gateway to GSM LTE cat M1 NB2 ioT - waterproof IP66 -GPS tracking

       WedeCon Design

 Taulov, 7000 Fredericia

 Mobile :
 +45 - 22 85 30 35

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Telematics remote elektronik udvikling entwicklung elektronikentwicklung
Elektronikprototype udvikling hardware arduino kundetilpasset elektronik udvikling
Bluetooth remote fjernbetjening
BLUETOOTH BLE module BlueTooth module development



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